Building Solutions

Building Management System is a mixture of standalone as well as centralized system to control & monitor systems such as surveillance system. For such security related problems smart BMS system can be installed which can work 24x7 & provide a secure environment. It helps reduce running costs & increase the efficiency of your building.

Once installed, BMS efficiently monitors power and water supply working as a conservation system. It even doubles up the security system to provide secure environment 24x7.


The central control for building automation offers complete management & safety to the people living or working in these buildings. This is the reason that trend of installing such technical building monitoring systems has increased with speedier pace.

Guard Monitoring System

Guard monitoring system is used for monitoring security guards whether they are performing regular checks around the society, a smart grid is created which has a sensor system for guards patrolling at equal intervals.

Water Tank Level Management

It is a sensor based system, the overhead tank & pump are constantly monitored by precise level sensors. Our system is based on the well proven capillary pressure sensing technique.

Gate Automation

Gate Automation can comprise of automatic control of gates with respect to vehicles entering and exiting the building premises. Smart RFID sensors installed at the gate and vehicles can read and understand access control system for vehicles.